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RP-LR07 : LR7 Rooflight Pack
This pack includes:
1 x LR7 Conservation Rooflight
1 x Manual Winding Mechanism
1 x Lead Flashing Kit
1 x Manual Pleated Blind

Important Notice:

This is a British manufactured low profile conservation rooflight. The double glazed units are argon gas filled and include Pilkington Activ self-clean, solar control glass. The units are separated by a genuine, and not stuck on, glazing bar. The American ash interior liner is hand produced locally and lightly coated with Danish oil. The brass winding mechanisms are also British manufactured to ensure consistent high quality and long life.

The Lumen range of Conservation rooflights are easy and quick to fit, without the need to build a complicated internal framework to get them to sit flush. We also offer real lead flashing kits that are designed to last for decades and speed up the fitting process; all of which ultimately reduces your installation cost.

LR7 Rooflight Pack
TS450 : Verona Straight White [450mm Wide]
Straight White Towel Rail 450mm wide.
S4051E : LCC Soil Eared Shoe
Premiere LCC Soil Range provides a comprehensive offering of traditional socket and spigot pipes and fittings for soil and waste installations on the external facade of buildings.LCC Soil Eared Shoe
EE001C : EE001C Electronique Element IP55 Rated 600W
Single Above Suitable For Zones 2 & 3
LPA-1800-2100 : Lumen Planus Accoya 1800 x 2100
Lumen Planus Accoya windows are made to order. They are custom built for your project. If you would like to order or enquire about Lumen Lumen Planus Accoya windows please make your selection and complete the enquiry form.
TRB518 : Side Rafter Bracket (Plated)
British manufactured mild steel brackets for cast iron rainwater goods. Supplied in silver zinc plated finish as standard ready for on site painting.

Tuscan Foundry Products offer one of the UK's widest ranges of brackets and can also manufacture bespoke products to match your existing brackets if required.

Our range includes top fix, side fix, rise and fall, fascia, repair and drive brackets as well as pipe clips for cast iron rain and soil pipe. Brackets are available in a range of profiles including Half Round, Ogee (OG), Deep Half Round, Notts Ogee, Moulded (G46), Beaded and Box gutter profiles.
Side Rafter Bracket  (Plated)
6RTPPL : Rectangular Pipe Plain 1829mm
Size in mm 75x75 (3x3") 100x100 (4x4") 125x125 (5x5") 100x75 (4x3")125x70 (5x2.75") 125x100 (5x4") 150x100(6x4")
A = Overall length 1829 1829 1829 1829 1829 1829 1829
B = Overall width (including ears) 174 193 223 205 223 230 255
C = Distance between fixing centres 135 154 185 163 187 192 215
D = Insertion depth of socket 75 75 75 75 75 75 75
E = Back of fixing to pipe centre 53 63 78.5 58 62 65 64
F = Internal width of socket 82 108 133 109 124 132 160
G = Thickness of ear 13 13 13 25 10 12 10
H = Outside pipe width 76 102 127 101 118 128 155
I = Outside pipe depth 76 102 127 74 74 100 100
Rectangular Pipe Plain 1829mm
RWAP : Round Pipe Access (Eared With Door)
Our traditional cast iron rainwater pipe is available in 3 sizes. It is now common to see 2.5" pipes used in place of the older 2" sizing.

Please use the drop menu above to select your size and finish. Items are available in both grey primer of pre-painted black finish.

Cast iron gutters and pipes offer great strength and durability, a proven history of long life, low noise operation and fire resistance. Most old buildings have cast iron rainwater systems that should be maintained and preserved however; these inherent benefits make a cast iron rainwater system an ideal choice for both traditional and modern installations.
Round Pipe Access (Eared With Door)
S4069G : LCC Soil Loose Door & Gasket
Premiere LCC Soil Range provides a comprehensive offering of traditional socket and spigot pipes and fittings for soil and waste installations on the external facade of buildings.LCC Soil Loose Door & Gasket
TX4092 : Strap on Boss 2" BSPT 100mm
The Traditional Express cast iron soil product is an industry leading push fit soil system designed for a lifetime performance. The contemporary cast iron system provides the aesthetic appearance of traditional cast iron soil systems and is suitable for Listed properties and conservation projects.

The push fit system provides substantial savings in labour for each joint and no specialist training is required for installation.

100mm diameter socketless pipes are available in 1.8m & 3m lengths and are supplied pre-painted in a black gloss finish. Compared to the traditional LCC soil system, our Traditional Express soil system is lighter and therefore slightly easier to handle and install. However, Traditional Express retains all the inherent qualities of cast iron including strength and longevity as well as the environmental benefits that cast iron offers over other modern materials.

Provided that your Traditional Express cast iron soil system is correctly installed and maintained you should receive a lifespan of more than 100 years. It is this long life that makes cast iron a long term, cost effective choice and it is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

In addition to the other benefits offered by our Traditional Express soil system, it provides low noise levels due to the sound deadening properties of cast iron.

Applicable standards and codes of practice
BS 416 part 2 – Soil, waste and ventilating pipes and fitting
BS EN 681 – 1 Synthetic rubber gaskets
BS EN 12056 – Codes of practice for gravity drainage systems, internal buildings
Strap on Boss 2" BSPT 100mm
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