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PALE : Palermo
The Palermo heating radiator is efficient and highly attractive, complimentary to any environment.
HD4052 : Blank End Drilled and Tapped [HD]
Halifax Soil is a range of socketless pipes and fittings suitable for internal soil waste and rainwater installationsBlank End Drilled and Tapped [HD]
BHR-1829 : Beaded Half Round Gutter 1829mm
A genuine cast iron rainwater system with beaded pattern. Available in a wide range of tradition gutter and pipe profiles.

Please use the drop menu above to select your size and finish. Items are available in both grey primer of pre-painted black finish.

Cast iron gutters and pipes offer great strength and durability, a proven history of long life, low noise operation and fire resistance. Most old buildings have cast iron rainwater systems that should be maintained and preserved however; these inherent benefits make a cast iron rainwater system an ideal choice for both traditional and modern installations.
Beaded Half Round Gutter 1829mm
MS4006 : 30deg Short Radius Bend [MS]
This cast iron soil range is a mechanically jointed, socketless system, especially suited for refurbishment projects including apartments, offices and multi-storey car parks.30deg Short Radius Bend [MS]
HSD005 : Hex Allen Key [HS]
Halifax Soil is a range of socketless pipes and fittings suitable for internal soil waste and rainwater installationsHex Allen Key [HS]
TGJK3 : Gutter Jointing Kit
Contains rubber gaskets, bolts, washers and nuts to complete 10 joints on Half Round, Beaded Half Round and Deep Half Round Gutters.
TRB401 : Repair Bracket (Plated)
Repair brackets can be used without the need to remove your cast iron guttering.

Available for Half Round,OG, Notts OG, No46 and Deep Half Round Gutters.

Please note that we only stock the half round profile. Other profiles are made to order and can take 12-15 working days for delivery.
Repair Bracket (Plated)
TM015 : Timeless Range 015
In choosing our Timeless range, you’re choosing classic designs that won't seem dated tomorrow simply because it was fashionable yesterday. Simple lines characterise the entire range. It's pure elegance, expressive presence creates a timeless combination
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