Ornamental Hopper Heads

An extensive range of hoppers and rainwater heads, in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be cast with any downpipe size or shape. We are also able to add embellishments and personalisation to most cast iron hopper heads.

Radiused and Special Profiles

Within our foundry, we have the capability to manufacture bespoke cast iron gutters, including radiused cast iron gutters for building bays and turret features, along with copy sand casting gutters and pipes to match original sections.

Cast Iron Planters

Cast iron planters can be produced to a variety of shapes and sizes and can include personalised embellishments. Apart from the unique natural appearance, the benefits of using cast iron for planters are durability, longevity and environmental considerations.

Pavement Lights

Pavement lights are a method of daylighting basements and cellars, being able to serve as a sole source of illumination during the day Pavement lights may be used to make subterranean space useful, more common in city centres, and high-cost property areas.

Street Furniture

Cast iron Lighting Columns, cast iron benches, cast iron bollards, cycle stands, waste bins and cast iron tree grilles.

Street furniture is a massive part of our everyday landscape, throughout our towns and cities where individual pieces offer a range of practical, social and environmental functions.

Air Bricks

Our range of cast iron air bricks is an ideal way to aid the ventilation of any room, without compromising on style. Cast in iron using traditional methods our collection is beautifully classical in both design and detail. Our range of charming ornate air bricks is available in an extensive range of sizes and patterns to suit any period ventilation requirement.

Floor Grilles

Cast iron floor grilles are often known as antique Cathedral floor grilles, Ecclesiastical gratings, Church floor vents, period cast iron grids and antique Victorian decorative floor grilles which are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Floor grilles are an excellent way of transferring heat through a building and can be used as heating covers, air vents, drainage covers, Aco type drainage channels, underfloor heating and in the garden as decorative features.

Cast Iron Products

We provide quality cast iron products for domestic and commercial installations

Cast Iron Gutter & Pipes

We provide a wide range of stock and commonly used items with all fittings and accessories.

Cast Iron Soil Pipes

Cast Iron soil pipes, fittings and sockets

Bespoke Rainwater

Ornamental and one off castings, particularly for restoration and heritage projects

Cast Iron Radiators

Quality made period conservation and heritage cast iron heating products