Aesthetic beauty and warmth combined in the use of cast iron radiators throughout your home. Don’t let clumsy panel radiators ruin your decorating

Beauty in Heat

Many styles of new cast iron radiators will replicate the old and suit any style and period of the property, from the school column type cast iron radiator to the more ornate Art Nouveau styles of the Burlington and Nouveau models.

History in Heat

In earlier centuries, the only method of heating a house was either through a stove or a fireplace, with smoke going through the chimney, pushing the heat upwards. Not only were these methods ineffective, but they were also dangerous as well.

Cast Iron Guttering

The development of controllable heat in the form of piped circulating hot water held in cast iron vessels that radiated the heat by manual command.

It was wealthy Victorians who discovered the ambitious and very useful invention, proving themselves and although radiators have been seen as an early 20th-century item, they had been around in previous guises since 1830, at this point cast iron radiators were run by steam, rather than hot water, unlike nowadays. Steam works at great pressures, and thus this riskier system was with water.

Cast column radiators managed to emphasise the elegance of Victorian and Edwardian homes, through the details carved in the casting moulds which could bring out the delicacy of the age’s specific organic lines. Today our modern replica radiators are manufactured in much the same way and being elegant and as classy as the original Victorian cast irons.

Painting Cast Iron Rainwater Goods

Their unique beauty is exactly the reason why people are increasingly opting for traditional column radiators in today's period homes. The passion for beauty and class, as well as faultless functionality and the warranty of quality products!

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