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Miscellaneous Metal Products

Cast iron air bricks, cast iron floor grilles and decorative castings form just a small part of an extensive range of metal castings for building conservation works.

Airbricks have been used in traditional construction for centuries and have changed very little in style or shape. During the Victorian times cast iron was used to produce more elaborate and decorative airbricks and they became an architectural feature as well as improving ventilation under suspended timber floors. Today cast iron is still a popular choice of material to replace or install airbricks in period and listed properties.

Air bricks are designed to allow air to flow either in or out for the purpose of ventilation. This purpose is the most important factor, so when comparing air bricks remember not to look just at the design but also the free air flow of the air brick - the higher the better. Generally air flows through holes not metal so when looking for a cast iron air brick with a good air flow choose a simple traditional design. It is important to regularly check your airbricks to ensure they are unblocked and free of any nearby plants or bushes that may make them ineffective. Airbricks are needed either side of the house to allow the free passing of air to prompt circulation.

Our range of traditional Victorian cast iron floor grilles are available in a variety of widths and thickness. Commonly used in conservatories on churches, although our larger heavy duty castings can be used for external projects such as driveways and paths.
Freephone (UK): Telephone: 0333 987 4452
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