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HD4009 : 22deg Long Radius Bend [HD]
Halifax Soil is a range of socketless pipes and fittings suitable for internal soil waste and rainwater installations22deg Long Radius Bend [HD]
6RWPPL : Round Rainwater Pipe Plain 1829mm
Our traditional cast iron rainwater pipe is available in 3 sizes. It is now common to see 2.5" pipes used in place of the older 2" sizing.

Please use the drop menu above to select your size and finish. Items are available in both grey primer of pre-painted black finish.

Cast iron gutters and pipes offer great strength and durability, a proven history of long life, low noise operation and fire resistance. Most old buildings have cast iron rainwater systems that should be maintained and preserved however; these inherent benefits make a cast iron rainwater system an ideal choice for both traditional and modern installations.
Round Rainwater Pipe Plain 1829mm
TRA : Traditional Lockshield
Solid brass Traditional lockshield.
1/2" (15mm) or 3/4" (22mm) connection.
Copy a pattern of the 1920's and can be used with Union or Empire valve.
Also available nickel or chrome plated.
Traditional Lockshield
IN013B : Interiors Range 013B
Dramatically different, surprisingly versatile, with almost limitless possibilities, a fresh concept for every environment, like no other the interiors collection is made for conversation
OG002 : Original Range 002
A serene combination of the traditional and contemporary, the familiar and the unknown – combine to create a unique feeling of indulgence providing an exclusive atmosphere at home
Freephone (UK): Telephone: 0333 987 4452
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