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TX4001 : Double Spigot Pipe 3m Lengths
The Traditional Express cast iron soil product is an industry leading push fit soil system designed for a lifetime performance. The contemporary cast iron system provides the aesthetic appearance of traditional cast iron soil systems and is suitable for Listed properties and conservation projects.

The push fit system provides substantial savings in labour for each joint and no specialist training is required for installation.

100mm diameter socketless pipes are available in 1.8m & 3m lengths and are supplied pre-painted in a black gloss finish. Compared to the traditional LCC soil system, our Traditional Express soil system is lighter and therefore slightly easier to handle and install. However, Traditional Express retains all the inherent qualities of cast iron including strength and longevity as well as the environmental benefits that cast iron offers over other modern materials.

Provided that your Traditional Express cast iron soil system is correctly installed and maintained you should receive a lifespan of more than 100 years. It is this long life that makes cast iron a long term, cost effective choice and it is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

In addition to the other benefits offered by our Traditional Express soil system, it provides low noise levels due to the sound deadening properties of cast iron.

Applicable standards and codes of practice
BS 416 part 2 – Soil, waste and ventilating pipes and fitting
BS EN 681 – 1 Synthetic rubber gaskets
BS EN 12056 – Codes of practice for gravity drainage systems, internal buildings
Double Spigot Pipe 3m Lengths
TM021B : Timeless Range 021B
In choosing our Timeless range, you’re choosing classic designs that won't seem dated tomorrow simply because it was fashionable yesterday. Simple lines characterise the entire range. It's pure elegance, expressive presence creates a timeless combination
LBPQ : Lead Plaque Bespoke
We are able to cast lead plaques to order and to your own design.

Please contact us for a quote
Lead Plaque Bespoke
LB : Linking Bar
The linking bar is used to join 2 or more rooflights together. Please chose the correct rooflight code for your rooflight. To link rooflights together you will need 1 less linking bar than you have windows.

2 X rooflights = 1 Linking bar.
S4092 : LCC Soil Strap on Boss BSPT 100mm
Premiere LCC Soil Range provides a comprehensive offering of traditional socket and spigot pipes and fittings for soil and waste installations on the external facade of buildings.LCC Soil Strap on Boss BSPT 100mm
EE002A : EE002A Electric Element IP55 Rated 75W
Single Above Suitable For Zones 2 & 3
LR4E : LR04E 644 x 979
With all of our standard conservation rooflights it is possible to detach the winding mechanism from the opening casement. In situations where an escape rooflight is specified we manufacture the LR4 with preset Nitro Struts. Our conservation escape version is top hung to ensure a matching profile when used alongside our standard range. As with all our opening casements the escape rooflights can be used on a daily basis with our winding mechanisms. We have decided to use a top hung version as these are less susceptible to light rain than side hung rooflights. The LR4 escape can be used in the same roof pitch as our standard conservation product.LR04E 644 x 979
RWOS24 : Round Pipe Offset 610mm (24") Projection
Our traditional cast iron rainwater pipe is available in 3 sizes. It is now common to see 2.5" pipes used in place of the older 2" sizing.

Please use the drop menu above to select your size and finish. Items are available in both grey primer of pre-painted black finish.

Cast iron gutters and pipes offer great strength and durability, a proven history of long life, low noise operation and fire resistance. Most old buildings have cast iron rainwater systems that should be maintained and preserved however; these inherent benefits make a cast iron rainwater system an ideal choice for both traditional and modern installations.
Round Pipe Offset  610mm (24") Projection
FE031 : Henry Bollard
Cast iron is the traditional choice for long lasting street furniture in the UK and is widely respected for its sustainability credential; making Ferrous Elite the perfect choice for landscape transformations in heritage, conservation and urban areasHenry Bollard
MS4005M : 45deg Short Radius Bend [MS]
his cast iron soil range is a mechanically jointed, socketless system, especially suited for refurbishment projects including apartments, offices and multi-storey car parks.45deg Short Radius Bend [MS]
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