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Lumen Chrome Pole Opener

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Lumen Chrome Pole Opener
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The winding mechanism for opening and closing the rooflights

We have designed and produced a beautifully crafted winder mechanism that is supplied as standard with every rooflight. Where the base of the frame is easily reached, the mechanism has a chrome handle for smooth and easy opening.

Where the frames are located at height, the handle section is replaced by a solid chrome loop to accommodate an additional winding crank. These telescopic spindles are also available in brass finish.
These British made rooflight mechanisms are for use with our Lumen Conservation range of rooflights.

The closed measurement of the rooflight mechanism is approximately 260mm which extends to 360mm when open.

Approximately 245mm of the Conservation rooflight winder is room side when closed. This measurement is from the inside of the casement to the end of the chrome loop.

The diameter of the chrome spindle is 20mm to ensure the mechanism is strong enough to lift all 12 of our stock size conservation rooflights.

All of our manual Lumen Conservation rooflight mechanisms are supplied with a quick release pin to detach the spindle from the casement. You will need to ensure that this piece remains operational and if necessary apply a light lubricant to assist the spring and pin. If you do not regularly maintain your brass or chrome plated mechanisms, they will become more difficult to operate.
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