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FE032 : George Bollard
Cast iron is the traditional choice for long lasting street furniture in the UK and is widely respected for its sustainability credential; making Ferrous Elite the perfect choice for landscape transformations in heritage, conservation and urban areasGeorge Bollard
HSD1012 : Zinc Plated Thread Adapter [HS]
Halifax Soil is a range of socketless pipes and fittings suitable for internal soil waste and rainwater installationsZinc Plated Thread Adapter [HS]
H12 : Ornamental Hopper H12
Size: 355mm (wide) x 230mm (deep) x 305mm (high)Ornamental Hopper H12
RB501-HR : Side Rafter Rise & Fall for Half Round Gutter
British manufactured mild steel brackets for cast iron rainwater goods. Supplied in silver zinc plated finish as standard ready for on site painting.

Tuscan Foundry Products offer one of the UK's widest ranges of brackets and can also manufacture bespoke products to match your existing brackets if required.

Our range includes top fix, side fix, rise and fall, fascia, repair and drive brackets as well as pipe clips for cast iron rain and soil pipe. Brackets are available in a range of profiles including Half Round, Ogee (OG), Deep Half Round, Notts Ogee, Moulded (G46), Beaded and Box gutter profiles.
Side Rafter Rise & Fall for Half Round Gutter
LVS : Vent Slate
Suitable for roof pitches over 20°. Lower pitches would need extended overlaps fitted with insect mesh, ‘hole punched’ front plate can be done if wanted.Vent Slate
T2-150-04 : Tubor 1500mm (h) 4 Sections
2 Columns
4 Sections
Height 1500mm
Length 184mm
Depth 103mm
Output 1423
Tubor 1500mm (h) 4 Sections
Clasico95-4 : Clasico N95-4
Traditional 4 column cast iron radiator.
CHRNOZZ : Common Half Round Nozzle-Outlet
A genuine cast iron rainwater system. Available in a wide range of tradition gutter and pipe profiles.

Please use the drop menu above to select your size and finish. Items are available in both grey primer of pre-painted black finish.

Cast iron gutters and pipes offer great strength and durability, a proven history of long life, low noise operation and fire resistance. Most old buildings have cast iron rainwater systems that should be maintained and preserved however; these inherent benefits make a cast iron rainwater system an ideal choice for both traditional and modern installations.
Common Half Round Nozzle-Outlet
RIBA Pilkington Lumen Rooflights CE
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